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Dr Bonnie S. Harris


Bonnie S. Harris, DVM received her Bachelor of Science in Nursing from the University of Florida and her Doctor of Veterinary Medicine from Texas A & M University. Dr. Harris and her associates are licensed by the Texas State Board of Veterinary Medical Examiners.

Dr. Esther

Esther M. Grissom, DVM also received her Doctor of Veterinary Medicine from Texas A & M. She practices relief veterinary services around Tarrant County and allows Dr. Harris the opportunity to take two days off each month.



Lori is our friendly full-time receptionist, who efficiently runs the front desk. 
She has several years of animal hospital experience

Veterinary Assistant

 Vana is a valuable team player because of her knowledge, versatility, and CVA Level II Training. She is our Head Vet Tech, has experience as receptionist & kennel attendant, and has been with us for 25 years.

Veterinary Assistant

Tara has been our part-time technician with a CVA Level 1 Certificate.
She's also working towards a degree at Tarrant County College.

Veterinary Assistant 

Elizabeth has a CVA Level 1 certification and is currently a
pre-med student in Dallas County.

Veterinary Assistants are invaluable employees because they act as the doctor’s right hand and are a second
set of eyes and ears.

Our Pet Bios

Dr. Harris has two dogs and two cats.  Both dogs were “rescue” pups that needed homes.  Cheyenne is a Doberman-Rottweiler-Lab Mix, and Iris is a white Mini Pit Bull.  Her home cat’s name is Sticky, because she scratches people with her claws.  Her hospital cat is Gabriel; he enjoys the company of staff, clients and patients at Arlington Animal Hospital.

Lori has a beautiful Border Collie named Kizzie that she adopted from All Border Collie Rescue.  Lori is a firm believer in adopting from shelters and rescue organizations.  And she makes sure her pets are all micro-chipped, in case they ever get lost.

Vana has two Pugs.  Buck is 7 years old, and Pearl is 1 ½ years old.  Buck doesn’t see well, so Pearl is his seeing-eye dog.  Vana also has a crazy cat named Stewie, who is king of the house.  Her bird, Aspen, is an Umbrella Cockatoo who talks, dances and taunts Vana’s husband.

Tara has a two-year-old German Shepherd named Diesel. He loves to chase his tail and run laps up and down the stairs. He’s also scared of his own reflection in the mirror. She keeps him on monthly heartworm preventive and current on vaccinations, so that he will be around for many years

Elizabeth has 2 dogs, Fynn and Osita, who poke their faces out of the blinds to greet guests. She also has three rats that know how to "spin" on command.


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